Can you have a heart attack and your arteries and heart okay?

It's possible. In most cases, the arteries are damaged if a patient has a heart attack, but that does not always mean a patient needs a stent or there is heart damage. However, these patients still need aggressive medical treatment w aspirin, statin, blood pressure meds, and maybe plavix (clopidogrel).
Yes possible. Yes possible. You may have had a very small heart attack from spasm of your blood vessel or due to clot thrown into your coronary artery from your heart due to atrial fibrillation. Your arteries may look normal on angiography and your heart function may be normal. Also stress induced cardiomyopathy may simulate a heart attack but heart function may return to normal and arteries are normal.

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Hi can you have a heart attack at age 23? I have a very poor diet and I am very sedentary. ECG came back, also could my arteries be clogged at 23?

Possible at 23 y.o. Yes, what you mention is possible but less probable as when you are older. Please continue to see your doc and also discuss diet and lifestyle changes that will lower the probability of ill health even more. See a book called "Disease Proof" by David Katz for some self-help. Peace and good health. Read more...

Can you live a fully functional life with angina and artery disease and never have a heart attack? Or will you eventually succumb?

Angina. Having angina usually means you are not 'fully' functional. With modern treatment it is possible to get through life without a myocardial infarction. Having said that , you still need good luck in addition to good treatment and adherence to your treatment regimen. Read more...

If I have peripheral artery disease (pad), will I have a heart attack?

Higher risk. If you have peripheral artery disease (pad). You are at a much higher risk of both heart attack and stroke than someone who does not. That is because the same build-up in the arteries of a fatty substance called plaque that is a cause of peripheral artery disease is also a cause of heart attack and stroke. Read more...