First aid for cat bite (suspected with rabies), amoxicillin and washing of soap on the area, 3rd day now, can it b possible stil for rabies? Pls reply

Rabies. If there is any suspicion that you have been bitten by an infected animal go and get the vaccine asap. The new vaccine is far safer than the old and more effective. This disease, once acquired, is nearly 100% fatal. Do not fool around with this. Some people will tell you to wait and see if animal has rabies. Alternative is to sacrifice animal and test.
Probably not. Domestic cats would be an unusual source of rabies- if you know where the cat is, just watch the cat- if the cat is well in 1 week- no risk of rabies for you. If the cat dies, there is plenty of time to treat you for rabies. Amoxicillin will only not prevent rabies and is a poor choice to prevent local infection at the site.
RABIES. The only way to determine quickly if the cat has rabies is to obtain samples of brain tissue, which requires killing the cat. Results in 24-72 hours. Amoxicillin is not the antibiotic of choice; a beta-lactamase inhibitor should be used.