It's been a yr since I broke my ankle (no bone fracture, only torn ligaments) I had a cast on & all that. It's stilla bit swollen & tight. What to do?

Physical therapy. Have your doctor look it over. You may have arthritis and that will cause the swelling and tightness. It could be that the ligaments and tendons are scarred and will need a little pt.
Not uncommon. Severe injuries to the soft tissues (ligaments, tendons, joint capsule, etc.) about the ankle can be a long- term problem for some. See a specialist who may recommend physical therapy, ankle bracing and/or surgery if necessary. They may need to order an MRI to assess for specific pathology.
Bad situation. Just because u have no fracture does not mean u do not have a significant injury. If ligaments were torn, it is very important 2 know which ones ; how bad.Unrepaired ligaments can leave u with significant instability which will continue 2 give u symptoms of swelling, stiffness ; instability. Usshould c a foot ; ankle specialist 4 evaluation, ; imaging 2 c if u need recon.Of ligs esp if young.