What treatment is right for a hyperactive child?

See pediatrician. If you have concerns about your child's behavior, then talk to your pediatrician. Children are different and their recommended treatment will vary as well. It depends on whether your child is having difficulty in school or is also inattentive with trouble focusing (which may indicate possible adhd) or this is just normal behavior. Your pediatrician will be able to work through that with you.
Diagnosis first. Do you mean a child with adhd? Or do you have a hyperactive child for whom you need help? In the former case stimulant medication is the gold standard for safe effective treatment. See my health guides under adhd for references. If the latter, your first step is to visit your pediatrician or family doctor to find out if the hyperactivity is significant and what is causing it.
Needs to be seen. Hyperactivity in a child can be age appropriate or due to an underlying problem. The underlying problem is not necessarily adhd. It could just be not enough sleep, sleep apnea, too much of the wrong kinds of food/drink, lack of a structured environment, recent stresses or changes in the home situation, learning problems or other causes. Your child needs to be evaluated.
Depends. The first treatment is behavioral. Try behavioral counseling and treatment in that manner first. Most children to not need medication, but in the case that medicine is needed, several are available and an experienced pediatrician or psychiatrist who treats hyperactive, inattentive children will be able to recommend the appropriate medication when the necessary time comes.
See a pediatrician . I would recommend seeing a pediatrician for an evaluation. It is likely that further evaluation including completion of questionnaires by parents and teachers will be needed to determine if there is a problem. Psychological testing may also be appropriate. Once a diagnosis is established then treatment can be discussed.
ADHD? First & foremost, medical clearance by a pediatrician, then referral to a child psychiatrist for tx.
Tell the difference. Make sure "hyperactive kid" isn't a case of "exhausted adult." extroverted, chatty, or high energy kids get this label like it's a disease. Those kids need consistent rules and proper outlets for their energy. Kids who's brains are truly "wired" for frenzy & poor impulse control, however, may need more help. Find out what you're dealing with before treatment. Get a correct diagnosis.
Stimulants. Stimulants are used to treat children w adhd ( short attention span and hyperactivity).Hyperactivity in children can result from being bored , children with behavior / discipline issues or poor parenting skills! i need more specifics on your "hyperactive" child in order to guide you properly.