I'm experiencing bald spots in side burns and part of my eyebrow. What could be the cause?

Bald spots. The most common cause would be a fungal infection. Other causes include seborrheic dermatitis and several auto-immune disease such as alopecia arreata.
Bald spots. Your description sounds like bald spots due to rubbing/chronic irritation. Try to avoid rubbing of the areas. If no improvement, see a dermatologist.

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I have painless bumps on the back of my tongue and bald spots that burns with red bumps in it on my head. Pl us a small painful bump on my gum.

See your Dentist. Some of what you are describing may be normal anatomy, some may be lesions. Not being able to see and examine you, palmate the lesions, review your medical history and meds, etc. we cannot in this forum make a diagnosis. Please see your Dentist or an Oral & Maxillofacial Pathologist to begin the differential diagnostic process. Read more...

I'm losing hair in the front part of my head I noticed two bald spots what is this caused by please help I'm really scared?

Female Hair Loss. There are multiple causes of this from too much traction due to hairdos to autoimmune diseases. I recommend you see a dermatologist for a timely diagnosis and treatment. Read more...