Had injury 10 weeks ago have C7 facet fratures with pars is it likely that it can be displaced after this time have tricep pain last2 weeks?

C7 fracture. Sometimes fractures go through a phase of healing with a lot of inflammation and that can irritate the traversing nerve root(s). Maybe wait another 2-4 weeks to see what happens, otherwise go back to your doc and get a ct with reconstructions and possibly with a myelogram to assess the healing. If upright x-rays already show instability... Surgery is probably the best answer... Good luck!
C7 Facet Fracture. Most single side facet fractures are stable and heal in two to three months. If you are developing pain in the triceps and back of forearm after 8 weeks, this is indicative of irritation to the c7 nerve root. An injury to the ligaments and possible disk disruption need to be evaluated. Check in with your treating physician, especially if weakness to arm extension is identified.