What can cause a sharp stabbing pain under the collar bone?

Lots of things . Muscolulo-skeletal pain, pinched nerve, pulmonary problem, soft tissue changes. Go to your doctor for a history and physical.

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When ever I yawn my collar bone hurts. I feel a sharp stabbing pain like a knife being stabbed into it, help?

A pinched nerve. can be caused by being sandwiched between two spinal bones, pressed by a bulging. It can cause muscle spasm and back pain. Prevention treatment is always recommended. This condition must be professionally managed. See interventional pain management specialist for definitive diagnosis and management. It is the same as a pinched nerve. Read more...

Past 2 days I've had a pinching stabbing pain in my upper right chest comes n goes. Halfway betwensternum and shoulder 2 in below collar bone. Gerd?

Costochondritis. You probably have an inflammation in your rib called costochondritis. This will only occur on one side, is relieved by OTC pain medications, & usually goes away by itself. Did you have a recent viral infection, fall, injury or strain? These things can cause this condition. Hope that helps. . Read more...