Best gout treatment?

Depends. There are several really good treatments for gout. If you are in an active flare, and your kidneys are good, and you are not at risk for an ulcer, indomethocin is very effective and inexpensive. Just be sure to take it with food. If you are not immunocompromised in any way Colchicine is another good treatment, and inexpensive too. If you develop diarrhea stop it right away. Prevention is best!
Gout. There's acute gout which responds to Colchicine or non-steroidal anti-inflammatories (corticosteroids work, but aren't necessary unless you can't take the first two) the there's prevention of attacks, in which case we use allopurinol, which lowers uric acid levels.
Lowering uric acid. Gout treatments lower uric acid and keep it less than 6 mg/dl. Diet and exercise with weight loss can treat gout. Allopurinol and probenecid are inexpensive, but they don't work in everyone and can cause severe toxicity in some. Uloric is newer and more effective but also more expensive. Krystexxa (pegloticase) is newest, but is a very expensive IV infusion given every 2 weeks that can cause side effects.
Gout. Best treatment is prevention limit protein 10oz daily stay well hydrated avoid alcohol . Acute attack Colchicine nsaids. Chronic meds i tend to avoid especially for single attack unless to phaseout then start preventative medication immediately.
Timing. Depends on if it is an acute attack or between attacks. Here's some good information on treatment options: http://sgoti.Ws/q6flj9 one of the best ways is to prevent an attack through a healthy diet and keeping your weight under control.
Colchicine & uloric. Colchicine 0.6 mg taken 3 times a for a few days, then twice a day for a few days, and then once a day for a few days. If your uric acid level is high you can take uloric or Allopurinol on daily basis to prevent acute attacks.
Part 2 Acute Gout. Besides the multiple approaches to treat acute attacks of gout remember to hold or stop the Allopurinol until the pain goes away, because it may prolong the acute attack. Other options are to use nsaids like indometacine high dosis( 50 mg aid, then tid then 25 mg tid) for three days but it causes more ulcers or gastritis comparing with other treatments. With any tx protect your stomach.
Acute gout. Colchicine is ok. If pain is terrible may go up to 0.6mg (or 0.5) every hour until nausea, vomiting or diarrhea appears) for no more than 5 times in a row. Two prevent these symptoms drs recommend to take 4xd, 3xd then 2xd. Other choice is injections of depomedrol (methylprednisolone) ( or other cortisone) either im or better inside the affected joint if not better then add p.O. Cortisone like Medrol dose pak.

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What is the best gout treatment?

Gout treatment. Anti-inflammatory meds are still the most common treatment if there are only rare attacks. In recurrent cases there are medications to lower uric acid and prevent the attacks, Allopurinol or uloric other meds will treat acute attacks such as Colchicine if the diarrhea doesnt get you. Steroids can also be used in some cases. Diet prevention is always best. Watch your purines. Read more...
Yes. Antiinflammatories, soaking foot in warm epsom salts water, drinking a lot of water, avoid gouty foods. Read more...

What is the best treatment for gout and pain?

See a doctor. Medication for pain and or swelling and to control the gout. If pain is acute sometimes steroid injections can be given. Read more...

What is the best treatment for gout and osteoarthritis?

D J D. Both gout and osteoarthritis are serious destructive joint diseases. Gout is a systemic disease that is best treated with oral medication to control uric acid over production/under excretion. Both gout and osteoarthritis can be treated with nsaids. However gout can be treated with uloric, probenecid or colcrys. These three oral agents are specific for the treatment of gout. Read more...

What is the best treatment for gout and arthritis?

YES. I submit we are a three legged stool: a body , mind and spirit.If any of these leg are "off" we are vulnerable to illness or worsening of any illness we already have.Stress is a killer and we should strive to reduce it thru any way we can. Read more...
See your physician. The best thing is to be examined to determine the underlying cause. This will determine the best treatment approach. Read more...