What is the timeline after a nose is broken would it be imperitve to have set by a medical professional?

5-8 days. After a broken nose, the ENT physicians in my community prefer to wait 5-8 days after the injury before re-setting the fracture. This allows time for the swelling to subside, but not so long as to allow it to set prematurely.
Sooner is better. The bones in the nose start to mend after fracture relatively quickly. If you do not get the bones reset, they will start to heal, and will be much more difficult to reset if the fracture is not reduced within about 5 days at latest or so...
10 days to set nose. You want to try and set the nose before 10 days have passed since the injury. After 10 days, the bones have healed enough that they are often "set" in place. After 10 days, a badly fractured nose can still be repaired, but it will require an operation down the road to perform osteotomies to re-break the nose. If possible, be seen within 10 days! best wishes.
1 week. 1 week or the bones are set and a functional rhinoplasty may be necessary in a year.
Repair nose fracture. It is typically best to reduce these as soon as possible but if not performed immediately, swelling for the first 3-4 days may make this difficult. For young individuals (less than 18 years of age), these fractures can heal rapidly and correction is generally advised within 10 days after injury. For individuals over the age of 18, repair should be delayed no later than 3 weeks.
Broken nose. You need to see a surgeon ASAP. Discuss these issues with your surgeon and be sure your surgeon is a board certified facial plastic surgeon with expertise in these procedures.
3-4 days. Unless it is done immediately, a broken nose will swell so quickly that its normal position can't be appreciated. Best to wait 3-4 days for the swelling to go down to have it fixed, if necessary. Waiting too much longer than that will make early repair impossible; then it is better to wait until it is healed to have corrective surgery (if the nose is still crooked or deformed.).
Nasal fracture. There are two timelines in fractured noses. With degree of injury effecting these lines. If the injury can be seen within a few hours, before swelling sets in that reduction, open vs closed, can be done. But after the early window of time, i like to wait for 7 to 10 days before operating. This allows the swelling to decrease so the exact anatomic deformity can be determined, leading to a op plan.