I have bad sinus headaches, I'm having high blood pressure problems so what is the best thing to do for them now? Is there anything I can take?

Visit your doctor. Sinus pain can be very significant, significant enough to raise your blood pressure. You should visit your doctor to make sure that your headaches are really just from sinus pressure, and not from something more serious. Your doctor should then review your current medication list and pick a sinus medication that won't hurt your blood pressure. There are many choices.
Sinus Headaches. Usually headache is a small part of sinus infections. If you are having "bad" sinus headaches, go see your doctor. There are many other possible causes of bad headaches. The best description i know of for sinus infections is "a head cold that does not get better". Facial and dental pressure is common. Headache is uncommon. Go see your doctor.