How long does it take to recover from the effects of scurvy and does taking more vitamin C speed up the process?

Vitamin C deficiency. Scurvy is a condition caused by deficiency in vitamin c, and supplemental vitamin c is the treatment. Scurvy is almost unheard of today, because vitamin c is present in so many fresh foods (including both vegetables and fresh meat). It used to occur on long ship journeys when all the food was preserved and contained no vitamin c. The prevention was a lime a day for the sailors ("limeys").
Scurvy is rare today. Scurvy develops after about 2-3 months of a vitamin c-free diet. Has spongy, puffy gums, tooth loss, joint pains, curly hairs, hair follicle hemorrhages, bruises. Exceedingly rare in us; 10 mg of vitamin c prevents scurvy.Usual intake is about 120-250 mg. Has been treated on sea voyages since the 1700's with lemon juice, sauerkraut. Response is within days. I've seen it, but not in years.
ScurvyTreatment. Vitamin C supplementation,can rapidly decrease symptoms. Per "Some symptoms, such as joint pain, will usually resolve within 48 hours. Most people will make a full recovery within two weeks."