How do I handle my 8 year daughter shes as adhd?

Structure/support. It is important that you understand that "adhd" means you daughter has regulatory difficulty(internal) so you can count on her needing and likely benefiting from more structure , support , and guidance -from you /the environment. Many components of "adhd" are not medicatable, though often meds are very helpful, but not always-.
Full evaluation. Start with a discussion with your pediatrician to rule out medical conditions that mimic ADHD, like hyperthyroidism. If none are found then a neuropsychological evaluation should be done. With the results, a treatment plan can be developed.
ADHD. Take her to a professional that deals with adhd all the time. This condition is extremely frustrating and has no perfect treatment but medications exist that need to be adjusted often and you need to learn how to interact with her and her teachers, .