I been sick last couple of days with hurting around eyes sore throat headache and now having like a buzzing feeling in it feels like neck and head?

Viral syndrome. Sounds like a viral syndrome. With upper respiratory and sinus involvement.
Sounds like a cold. Need more info on symptoms, exposures, etc., + a physical exam. If you continue feeling poorly, go and see a doctor and get examined, diagnosed and treated. Hope you are better soon.

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Yesterday my eye hurt & I had a sore throat, a ringing in my Lt ear and a headache. Today I have a pus spot inside of my Lt eyelid. What could it be?

See a doctor. Without seeing your eye, I can't be sure, but it sounds like infectious conjunctivitis. The other possiblity, which would be more worrisome is a periorbital skin infection, possibly sinusitis and a middle ear infection. It makes sense to see a doctor at urgent care for an exam. Infections in and around the eye can be very serious, since the eye is so close to the brain. Anitbiotics probably needed.

Headache that starts on the side of my nose and goes to my eye and temple. Sore throat difficultly swallowing. Tingling feeling in fingers.?

Throat infection. All these symptoms may be due throat infection Please see a physician.
Midface migraine. Although migraine is usually considered a headache, it can also present as pain in the teeth, jaw, nose, sinus and throat which often confuses the diagnosis. When this presentation occurs, it is a facial or midface migraine. These patients do not have a primary complaint of headache. Instead, they may experience throbbing pain in ear, jaw and side head. See orofacial pain doctor or neurologist.