Does fissure and rectal cancer have similar symptoms? My dad is having fissure & I wanted to know the difference between the symptoms of both of these

Similar Symptoms. Both the fissure and rectal cancer are in the rectum and can cause pain, bleeding, frequent bowel movements. Since the symptoms can be similar, a person needs to have a colonoscopy to visualize the area and the fissure looks like a tear in the lining of the rectum and the other is a mass that looks abnormal and needs a biopsy.
Very different . These are two very different conditions and may be associated with underlying disease such as ulcerative colitis. However rectal cancer tends to be a growing painless mass with bleeding whereas a fissure is more of a wound that tend to be painful, irritated and/or inflammed. Neither should be ignored and dueto the difficulty of performing a self exam should be monitored by a physician with biopsy.