Had a normal stress test and echo a few months ago and was normal. Still having palps, and chest pain. Could something been missed or my anxiety?

Yes. These tests are inadequate for women. You need to explore further. A better option is having a session of multifunction cardiogram. Good luck! http://en.M.Wikipedia.Org/wiki/multifunction_cardiogram.
Anxiety. If all your tests were normal, at your age, this is most likely anxiety. You can take magnesium about 200 mg per day which can help and avoid caffeine and alcohol, get lots of sleep, meditate and exercise. If these don't work, then you may need anti-anxiety medication. But try those first.

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Can something be missed being diagnosed of anxiety amf costochondritis because I have chest pain all day. Normal 2decho, stress test, ecg, endoscopy?

Chest pain. I don't know. What is "amf" ? Some people have chest pain due to anxiety alone. Some have chest pain due only to a medical condition & others have pain from both a medical condition & anxiety. It looks like you have been getting a pretty extensive evaluation. See that you are taking benzodiazapines. They can cut through the symptom of anxiety but don't treat the underlying cause. If you have. Read more...

Chest pain, hard to breath, back and neck pain, diagnosed with costo and anxiety. Normal 2d echo jan 2013, ecg, stress test, endoscopy. Do I have to worry?

Concern? If the problem is not solved, if you are still in pain, then obviously you are still concerned right? Have you gotten a chest xray? I would also consider a rheumatologist (this is a connective tissue specialist) for another opinion of possible connective tissue disease. Read more...