What are the causes of rabies post exposure prophylaxis failure, and is rabies untreatable after it has entered the peripheral nerves?

Yes. Rabies is 100% fatal and there is no known cure. The post-exposure prophylaxis can fail if not administered on time. Luckily, the window of opportunity is rather big - up to 10 days. This is the rationale for observing the offending animal for 10 days if it develops madness which is the hallmark of rabies. Given the seriousness of the infection, the earlier the vaccine is given, the better.

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Is rabies post exposure prophylaxis effective even after the virus has entered peripheral nerves?

Always do It. Yes it can work! no matter how long after a suspected bite, rabies vaccination should be given. If recent, washing the wound thoroughly decreases the virus count dramatically. If it is less than 7 days, rabies Immune Globulin around the wound. Always, begin Rabies Vaccine series ( 4 shots over 14 days or 5 shots over 30 days immunosuppressed) and shots no longer painful or given in the abdomen! Read more...

Is post exposure prophylaxis for rabies effective after the virus enters peripheral nerve ending? Please, need some answers?

Effects of rabies. Rabies is viral disease caused by rabies virus,from infected rabies,usually wild animals,if bitten by an animal,suspected infected one or a wild animal,the animal if caught has to be,observed for a period of time,and the bitten person be given Rabies Vaccine course,the virus infects brain tissue,cardinal symptom would be,fear of water,hence another name ,hydrophobia,once infected,and symptomatic, Read more...