If I took one blood pregnancy test that says positive, how can another one I took two days later say negative& I have no period am I'm pregnant?

Miscarriage. If you had a positive blood pregnancy test then followed by a negative blood pregnancy test then this is consistent with an early miscarriage. Some people refer to these as a chemical pregnancy. This means you were pregnant the pregnancy did not last. This is very common. If you want to be pregnant you can try again. If you are trying to avoid pregnancy at age then consider starting birth control.

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I've missed my period for two months already and I've taken dozen of home pregnancy test and one blood pregnancy test but they're are all negative!

Tests are accurate. If you have taken pregnancy tests at home and they are negative then you can rest assured that you are not pregnant. You will need to see your doctor to discuss irregular periods. I would also discuss birth control options to avoid an unplanned pregnancy and avoid these scares in the future.

I have had 3 positive at home pregnancy test, one negative blood pregnancy test, but am on my period am I pregnant? How come I got postitves

The blood one. Is more reliable. Although it would depend on the timing of the tests. If the blood one was 2 weeks ago and the other ones were much more recent, then the blood test might have been before the pregnancy. Otherwise, would expect not to be pregnant. Http://www. Nerdpocalypse. Net/fertility%20calculator. Html.

I've been off the pill an have missed two periods my last one was sept 23rd. I have gotten a negative blood pregnancy test what should I do now?

Time to see your. Doctor. There are many causes of missed periods, pregnancy being a common one. See this site for more info on this topic and discuss the matter with your doctor. Http://www. Mayoclinic. Com/health/amenorrhea/ds00581.
See your doctor. Sometimes it takes a couple of months for cycles to regulate when coming off the pill. If it has been a couple of months already, then see your doctor to rule out other causes of not having a period.

I had a negative urine and blood pregnancy test last week, but this week my period is two days late, could I still be pregnant?

It's possible! Take another test! You could have conceived too recently for the tests to show up. Pregnancy test are accurate about two weeks after conception. If it has been at least that long since your last unprotected sex, and you still don't get your period or a positive test, then check with your doctor for other reasons for a late period.
You tested too soon. You tested before missing a period. That means the tests were not valid. Now that you have missed your period is time to get an accurate and valid answer. Test again.

Quantitive blood pregnancy test came back negative two weeks after missed period. How accurate is it? Should I still be worried about pregnancy?

Very accurate. The home urine pregnancy tests are also very accurate at 2 weeks after an expected period. Negative means not pregnant as of 2-3 weeks ago, but probably means not pregnant as of 1.5-2 weeks ago with these sensitive tests. So, if still having sex over the past 1.5-2 weeks, there is a chance of a brand new conception that is too early to cause a positive test result.

If my blood pregnancy test said 10 and positive then when I did it again it said negative blood pregnancy test and no period can I be pregnant?

Inconsistent info. It is not likely that you did the blood test. It is usaully done in a labortory, if you did a urine test and it differed from the blood test, rely on the blood test. Unless you have a period, consider yourself pregnant and seek care acoordingly for your and your baby's health.