Can u experience hair loss and headaches with a thyroid problem?

Thyroid problems. Yes, the hair problems in some cases are related to thyroids problems and some patients present headache , check with your dr, and family physician. We have to check and determine others possible causes, including but not limited to visual problems, hormone imbalance, anemia, vitamins deficiency, food intolerance ..., .
Possibly. The only way to know is to check it and see if it's the thyroid causing your problem. It's just a blood draw.
Yes. If your thyroid is under or overactive, yes. Sometimes thyroid antibodies can contribute to alopecia also. Please see your doctor to discuss this.

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My Thyroid was. 14. I was told that was normal but I have symptoms of hypothyroid. Palpitations, itchy skin, hair loss, moody, headaches high choleste?

Hypothyroidism. Your symptoms are not typical of hypothyroidism but are more consistent with hyperthyroidism(overactive). Have a complete thyroid panel done rather than one test done to be sure. An endocrinologist or thyroidologist are experts in the field of thyroid disorders. Read more...