I fell yesterday. I twisted my ankle. Ankle a little swollen. I have some pain on top of my foot. Mostly behind my big toe. Could it be a fracture?

Twisted Ankle . A fracture is always possible, especially if you everted your ankle when you fell. Apply ice packs for a day or two and see if the swelling and pain subside. If not, it might be prudent to check with an orthopedist and get an x-ray to be sure.
Yes. Could be a fracture or simply a sprain. If significantly painful you should have it evaluated by a physician.
Yes but maybe not. You need to see your physician and have it evaluated. It may or may not be a fracture.
Possible. Although a strain or sprain is more likely. Fracture cannot be rules out. You should be evaluated.
Ankle twisted. It is always a good idea to get x rays to rule out fracture - especially as we all age. If you have any osteoporosis the possibility of fracture is greater. So , the right first thing to do is see your podiatrist for x rays and an exam. Good luck.