What does an infant EEG entail?

Leads placed on head. Generally a neonatal eeg is completed by placing leads on the babies head in certain spots. The leads are generally pasted on, though sometimes needle probes are used. The brain waves are then monitored usually for several hours, though in special cases the eeg maybe continuous overnight, or even several days. This is done mostly to look for seizure activity, though it can also look for damage.
EEG. Eeg electroencephalogram records the electrical waves of the brain. Usually the technician puts electrodes in the scalp that are attached to a macnine that records the brain waves. It is not painful, does not require anesthesia, no blood is necessary. Sometimes stimulation with lights or other is necessary. It's done for any age but obviously if the child pulls the wires test isn't helpful.
Simple. best done while the child is very quiet or napping. Leads (wires) with gold cups are pasted on the scalp. No needles are used. The wires act as antennas, picking up the child's brain waves. they are connected to an amplifier which is then part of the recording device. there is no harm to the child.