I have been with my partner 6 years and have genital warts. Has he been unfaithful?

The only answer as. To faithfulness, your partner must give. Genital herpes is a sexually transmitted disease. The herpes simplex virus(hsv) has two forms, hsv1 usually affecting mouth and lips(cold sores) but can be spread from mouth to genitals in oral sex, and hsv2 which most often is the cause of genital herpes but can be spread by secretions from the mouth or genitals. Partners should both be tested & treated.
Not necessarily. Genital warts and other human papllomavirus (HPG) infections are an STD, and new warts should prompt discussion about other partners, testing for other STDs, etc. However, there are many exceptions. Genital warts can result from reactivation of a distant past infection. Have a sensitive, caring talk with your parnter, but don't start with assuming he has been unfaithful. Good luck!