Should I be worried about dizziness? Its 9:30 am and I feel weird. I feel like I have a hangover, from eating red meat? Is that normal?

Impossible to say. One cannot say from just that description. People who don't usually eat red meat often get some vague symptoms after eating it but not usually dizziness. Your doctor needs to get a full history, a physical exam - especially blood pressure when seated and standing, to help figure out what is causing it. Whatever it is, it isn't "normal.".
Prob not steak h/o. Doubtful red meat caused the symptoms, although symptoms happened after red meat. Any other foods? Alcohol? Any other factors? . Could be unrelated cardiovascular, or ent/sinus/inner ea issue doubt stroke or heart attack (but don't know your age, history, risk factors, meds, etc). See your doc.