Why is cam impingement more common in males?

FAI. Cam impingement, also known as fai, is seen in both genders. Some types are much more common in young males, but other types can be seen in equal numbers in both sexes. Presumably, active sports participation contributes to the male predominance in some studies. Read===>http://www.Radsource.Us/clinic/1109 for an excellent discussion of the many facets of fai.

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In a few months I am going to have have surgery for a cam impingement. Curious why some days I do not have pain and other days I have a lot of pain?

Related 2activity. Many times it is related 2 activity that u may not recall what it was. Any flex of the hip esp with a twist such as arising from a deep soft chair or couch. U take it 4 not being unusual but it could cause a flare up u notice later that day and do not recall the activity that u did & when. Read more...

When does cam impingement, causing severe pain, require surgery as opposed to physio?

Impingement. is when there is diminished SPACE "around" the joint usually due to inflammation of soft tissue (tendons etc) Sometimes this can be REVERSED with therapy or injections...sometimes it requires surgery to enlarge that space! Hope this is helpful Dr Z. Read more...