Do dialysis patients usually have high potassium?

Dialysis Potassium. Yes, it is very common for dialysis patients to develop elevated potassium levels. The kidneys normally excrete potassium, so patients with renal failure will have a tendency for their potassium levels to rise. The dialysis machine removes excess potassium from the body, just like the kidneys do. Taking a diet low in potassium is helpful in keeping potassium levels controlled.
HIgh potassium level. Dialysis patients (dp) who are compliant by following their diet and going to their dialysis sessions consistently are usually not bothered by potassium (k). Your question depends what you mean by a high k. Dp's can tolerate a higher k than patients who are not on dialysis. If this dp has a consistently high k ask the nephrologist or renal dietician for help to get a diagnosis for it and a cure.