Is is safe to carry 7klo luggage 5days after the extraction of my 2 impacted wisdom tooth? Is there any possibility of swelling on my face after?

Yes. After five days, you should establish a normal pattern of healing such as a stabilized clot is achieved. Incidence of dry socket should be already ruled out. Infection and swelling should be in control. Carry a 7 kilo (15 lbs) luggage (or heavier) is not a problem. There should not be any possibility (even impossible) of swelling on the face.
Should be OK. It really depends on the difficulty of the extraction, upper or lower, other health or medication .. If they were upper teeth, with proximity to the sinus , then be more careful. Were you given cortisone? I hope you are going somewhere to relax !
Yes. While you should still be careful around the extraction site you can go back to doing your normal activities. Since healing from extractions begins at the bottom of the extraction site hole you will have an open area that is healing for several weeks after the extractions so keep it clean.