My face and neck is so darker than my body. I am using skin lightening cream. And sometimes cleanser, toner and moisturizer. No use. Please help.?

Sunscreen. If the darker areas are on the face and neck, sun is the most likely cause. You need an excellent sunscreen with SPF of about 50. I suggest looking for zinc or titanium oxide in the ingredients for the best results. If you avoid the sun and wear sunscreen every single day, your skin should gradually even out.
Be careful. Long-term use of lighteners is dangerous and can permanently disfigure you. I'm not a dermatologist, but perhaps sunblock on your head and neck would help. If this is something you can't control, simply being a lean, physically-fit man will make you far better-looking than most of your peers whose face and chest colors may match better. Focus on the positive & enjoy your youth.