I missed my Depo-Provera shot last month. How much time do I have until I can go back and get it?

None. If you have been sexually acitve this month ovulation may already have occured and pregnancy is possible. Depo-provera injection can only be given during the first 5-7 days of menstrual bleeding or within the 75 -105 day period of the previous Depo-Provera injection to avoid giiving it during an active pregnancy.

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My last Depo-Provera shot was due October 1st. I didn't get it. Can you ovulate that soon after a missed Depo-Provera shot? Do you need a period to ovulate?

Yes. You can ovulate after you stop Depo-Provera shot any time. The period just a sign of you going thrue the cycle. Ovulation happens before period. Do pregnancy test when in doubt.
You can. You can ovulate before you ever have a period and yes you can ovulate that soon after stopping DepoProvera but ovulation is often delayed after Depo especially if you have been on it for awhile. Hope this helps.
Unlikely. The Depo-Provera shot still takes some time to leave the body. It usually takes several months before ovulation occurs. There is a slight chance that ovulation could start already, but on 5- 15% at best.

I've been off the Depo-Provera shot for a year. I missed my period last month but I spotted on the day I was suppost to start. Whats my outcome?

Please Clarify. There is nothing in your question on which to base an answer. Are you wondering if you are pregnant? Were you sexual during an ovulation period? What does Depo-Provera have to do with the current situation since it has been a year and you have had periods since? What do you mean by the word "outcome"?