Type 2 diabetic 1 hour after meal?

Post prandial. There are not standards set for1 hr post prandial blood glucoses. At 2hrs, ideally they approach 140 and under.
Fasting glu or A1C. Type 2 diabetes is not diagnosed on post meal glu. 1 hr post meal glu is very variable. It depends on the meal, absorption, etc. T2dm is diagnosed by fasting glu>126, a1c>6.5. If you have a glu tolerance test (GTT) (which is usually not necessary), a 2 hr glu>200 diagnoses t2dm. A fasting glu between 100-125 is "impaired fasting glu". A 2 hr glu (during gtt) of 140-199 is "impaired glu tol".