Lower back pain 5 days before period. Is this a normal symptom?

Dysmenorrhea. Dysmenorrhea, or pain associated with menstrual cycles, tends to be multifactorial (i.e., many causes). Gynecological sources of pain may include endometriosis, fibroids, and premenstrual syndrome (pms). However, low back pain can arise from hormonal changes which, in turn, can affect the elastin in connective tissues of the spine itself. Consult with your gynecologist for a formal evaluation.

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I've bleeding it was normal and have small clots. It lasts 5 days like my period but I have lower back pain and stffness for the 1st time. Is it normal?

Could be. Sometimes, you will have more cramping and back pain if you are passing more clots. Get off your feet, rest, take ibuprofen. If you continue to pass clots and have pain,see a doctor. Good luck! Read more...

Can you ovulate4 days after period? Had a weird period this month and 4 days later ov like symptoms along with lower back pain&verylittlebrwndischarge

It's possible. It depends on how long one's menses is. The longer one bleeds (e.g. Several days), the more likely ovulation can occur soon after the last day of vaginal bleeding as this is closer to the middle of one's cycle when ovulation is expected to take place. Read more...