Can type 1 diabetes be cured by stem-cell treatment?

Not yet. But they're working on it.
No. Not really because what is wrong with diabetes is that the pancreas has no more cells that produce Insulin so even if you can stop the production of cells that will fight against the pancreas we do not know how to make new healthy cells that will make Insulin again.

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Where can I get the best stem cell treatment for type 1 diabetes?

Stem cell. Stem cell treatment for type 1 and type 2 diabetes is in development. The item I found best on the web was "StemGenex". You might be eligible to join their study. Read more...

Can someone with type 1 diabetes donate bone marrow or stem cells?

Yes. The potential donor would have to be screened based on the entire health picture. Diabetes is not a contraindication to stem cell donation. Read more...