I only have one kidney can I take ibeprophen?

Probably not. I would advice against NSAID in your situation.
It Depends. You need to take good care of that kidney! any NSAID such as Ibuprofen or motrin, Aleve (naproxen) or naprosyn, even Aspirin can affect kidney function and in some cases even shut it down. Nsaid use should be as sporadic as possible and avoided if you have signs of kidney problems such as high blood pressure, protein in your urine or diabetes.Check with your doctor to see what your current kidney function is.
Probably. Because Ibuprofen is metabolized through the kidney it is good to be cautious with this medication. The important thing to know is that the 1 kidney is functioning well. This is done with blood testing periodically. In most cases with 1 kidney it is okay to take and occasional ibuprofen, however, you should check with your doctor about this as they would know more about your situation.