I have diagnosed to have an azoospermia, is this curable? I am obese weighing 115kilos 5.5ft height. I am 32yrs old, my wife is 30

Weight loss. Overweight people unfortunately have difficult with prenancy you must loose weight as your first endevour.
Sort of. True azospermia means you make no sperm at all. This is very rare and if true not treatable. More probable is that you have severe oligospermia (minimal sperm). It may be necessary to perform a testis biopsy under anesthesia to see if there a any sperm. If there is even one, you maybe be a candidate for icsi, an artificial reproductive method, to have a child of your own.
Sometimes. It depends on the cause of the azoospermia. Sometimes significant weight loss can help with the reproduction of sperm, but this is not always the case. Hormone medications can also sometimes help with this, but a complete evaluation by a reproductive endocrinologist or urologist would be the first step to take.