How to cure multiple lipoma?

Excision . They only option for removing my promises surgical excision. .
No cure except excis. You have multiple lipomas and are looking for a cure. Lipomas are multiple tumors of fat. They are considered non cancers unless they grow very large. Excision seems to be the only way to get them to go away.
Sxcision. Multiple excieions as long as there is no genetic disease such as von recklinghouse disease.

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How to cure multiple lipomas on arms and torso?

Surgery. Surgery is only way to remove lipomas. Unless they are painful they do not need to be removed. Lipomas can be removed through small incision .If you must only remove the most obvious lipomas 1-2 at a time . Read more...
By removal. If they are bothering you go to your surgeon will remove them. Read more...