What drugs are market that help with rage?

Depends. Anger control problems and irritability are usually symptoms of an underlying psychiatric illness, like ptsd, adhd or bipolar disorder. While there are no medications specifically approved to treat anger alone, a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation will likely help you identify the reasons for your rage episodes and provide you with a comprehensive treatment plan that may include medication.
Several, but... Several classes of drugs can lower rage, but all have drawbacks. Tranquilizers are addictive. Beta-blockers can lower blood pressure & limit exercise tolerance. Mood stabilizers & atypical neuroleptics can have medically dangerous side-effects. Ssri antidepressants sometimes help, but can also makes rage worse. So drugs aren't the first choice. Anger management or therapy come first.
Many..and none. The answer is that i routinely utilize many different medications from multiple different classes of medications a part of treatment for severe "rage" episodes, but that no single medication is specifically approved for "rage". It's important to identify and treat the underlying cause. Rage and aggression are behaviors with many possible underlying causes, such as adhd, a mood disorder, or ptsd.