Can people with fibromyalgia exercise?

Yes. Not only they can but they should. If no other medical problems are present a low impact exercise such as walking is a good start.
Yes. Try Yoga. Yoga is one of the best exercise programs for improving lean muscle mass, core strength, and flexibility.
Absolutely. To date all the research points to the fact that exercise especially non-impact aerobic exercise is the best therapy for Fibromyalgia. The cruel irony is that exercise is often very difficult for individuals with FMS. A slow gradual easing into exercise is recommended as it will gradually improve cardiovascular fitness as well as calm an irritable nervous system.
Yes, but. ? about whether people with fibromyalgia can exercise. They can and should, but often exercise is too painful for persons with FM so they avoid it. The best type of exercise is aquatherapy, whereby buoyancy of water negates gravity. In this way muscles and tendons that are weak, spastic, and painful can be exercised with less pain.