Can children outgrow asthma?

Can be asymptomatic. You do not "outgrow" asthma, but can become asymptomatic- not have symptoms. The asthma can potentiaaly come back at a later date. Think of it as an iceberg. If below the surface no symptoms. Once about the water line symptoms return.
Yes. Some children do outgrow asthma as adolescents or adults. If their asthma was associated with other " atopic" conditions like allergies and eczema or if the asthma was particularly severe, then chances are higher that the asthma will be around for longer.
Depends. Much (50-60%) of what is labeled asthma in infants and toddlers disappears by school age. These wheezing episodes are often triggered by respiratory viruses and may need to receive treatment we would use in asthma.When these kids have no asthma related conditions like eczema or allergies, I find it hard to accept that they truly had asthma.They might have a very mild genetic varient.