Is there any therepies available for melanoma?

Yes. In addition to the surgery mentioned, there are new drugs for melanoma. One, called ipilumimab, is not chemotherapy. It is an immunologic therapy that was approved for use in 2011. It is the first drug to improve survival in stage IV melanoma, and some patients are alive 5-6 years after diagnosis with stage IV melanoma while on the drug. Have hope!
Surgery. Finding melanoma early is the best possibility and then excise it. Look at spots on the skin for irregular edged, discoloration, bleeding, recent growth, asymmetric, or bigger than 1/4 inch or an eraser at the end of a pencil. Some melanomas will require lymph node surgery depending on how deep they invade the skin. Radiation and chemo are used but have limited roles on curing melanoma.
Surgery and others. Surgical excision is the mainstay of melanoma therapy. The primary tumor is always removed, and sometimes lymph node removal can be helpful depending on how deep the primary tumor is. Sometimes additional therapy after surgery is recommended. See your dermatologist or melanoma specialist to get recommendations specific to your situation. Best wishes.
Surgery. Surgery is the main treatment for melanoma. Chemotherapy and bio-chemotherapy are reserved for metastatic disease.