Natural treatment for bph?

No proven benefit. There is not proven benefit of saw palmetto or other "natural supplements" in the management of bph. Some men seem to repsond, but the mechanism is unknown. In 2006, the step trial showed no benefit of saw palmetto over placebo. Research has also shown that the amounts of all components in nutirtional supplements vary from 100% less to 150 more than what is listed on the label.
Many good options. The national institutes of health states saw palmetto is of comparable effectiveness to the drug proscar, (finasteride) but has less side effects. Pygeum is also very effective. Beta-sitosterol, stinging nettle, lycopene & grass pollen are also proven to help. Zinc is essential for prostate health & prevents enlargement. See http://www. Livestrong. Com/article/109702-natural-herbs-treat-prostate-enlargement/.