How come that my tongue hurts?

Don't bite it. Is it dry? Does it hurt to move? Is it enlarged? Is it tender? There is atypical mouth pain syndrome that has not been defined. There can be sores on the tongue that also hurt. We need to know if the pain is affected by tongue movement or by eating. Has it been burned? Have you bitten it? Has it changed color? Does temperature change effect it? We need more information.
See your PCP. If the pain is persistent for 2 weeks and you haven't accidentally bitten or burnt your tongue, see your PCP or dentist for consultation and treatment.
More info needed... So many causes of a sore tongue, including chemical or thermal burns, dry mouth, and trauma.
Many possible causes. If your whole tongue hurts, you may have burning tongue syndrome. If only a small part hurts, it is likely from trauma and you may have bit your own tongue. Have a doctor look at your tongue, oral cancer is on the rise in nonsmokers related to human papilloma virus!

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Tongue pain. Tongue pain - or any oral pain - should be examined by a physician if it is persistent. Most causes are inflammatory, but other causes should be ruled out and in some cases a biopsy may be necessary. Read more...

How come the top of my tongue hurt I can't see anything on top of my tongue is it a mouth ulcer?

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