What can I do if I've been trying to concieve for over a year, and no pregnancy? Cant qualify for medicaid but can't afford inaurance.

Infertility expense. Your financial situation is a serious problem for fertility care. Sadly, even insurance often does not cover many successful infertility treatments. Many insurance companies do not believe that infertility is a disease, so they don't cover. Also, employers also sometimes drop certain coverage. See your primary care doc and ask for some simple inexpensive things that may help you succeed. Sorry.
LH Kits. If you cannot see a doctor, over the counter ovulation predictor kits are very helpful. They let you know the optimal time for intercourse to maximize your chances. Also, Clomid (clomiphene) is a medication prescribed by a doctor, but very affordable. Semen analysis is another affordable test to consider if insurance is an issue.