I'm a 25 year old women. I've been trying to conceieve for abt 2yrs. What are the first thing I should do 2 find out what's going on?

Fertility Testing. Two years is long enough to warrant an investigation. We need to know if the sperm is good (semen analysis), we need to know if the tubes are good (hsg) and we need to know if the uterus is good (also, with hsg). Good luck.
Sperm and Tubes. Assuming you have regular periods, the 2 most important things to find out are if your fallopian tubes are open and the if the sperm from your partner is normal. Certainly you will want to see a specialist. 95% of all couples will be pregnant after 2 years of trying so it is certainly not normal at this point, although with treatment pregnancy may be easy to achieve.