Had cold: fever, sinus pressure, headache, runny nose. Now still coughing for 1.5 months w mucous. Viral or bacterial infect? Need antibiotics? Which?

See your doc. A lingering cough after an urti can mean a sinus infection or reactive airways, such as asthma. You need to see your doctor to determine what the problem is. An antibiotic should help if there is a sinus infection but will not help if it is asthma.
Sinus infection. 10% of people get a sinus infection after a cold. If the problem has been present for over 1.5 months, you should see your doctor for antibiotic. There are two classes of antibiotics which work well for sinusitis but Z pak (azithromycin) is not one of them. (We are not supposed to provide the name of specific medication on this site)
Needs checked. The possibilities: 1) Lingering cough from previous cold / bronchitis. 2) New viral infection. 3) Bacterial infection superimposed on a viral infection. A doctor needs to examine you to see what's up and what treatment you need.

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I've had a sinus cold for 6 days now. Thick yellow mucus when I cough or blow my nose. Horrible sinus pressure headaches. Do I need an antibiotic?

Probability says NO. Unless you've got fevers and other symptoms of a bacterial infection (such as a positive STREP), or bronchial expectorations which have been cultured positive for pathogens then, your yellow mucus is as informatively distinguishing between bacterial or viral infection as the smile of a politician is helpful to me to tell between sincerity at wanting to help me on an issue vs. having TERRIBLE GAS! Read more...

No stuffy or runny nose, no fever or sinus pressure but mucus has been in back of throat when I swallow for weeks, throat has been irritated for weeks?

Look at diet. Sounds like allergies and when you have no other respiratory symptoms, consider food allergy. My first recommendation is to stop dairy as it can increase mucous production. You could also have a silent sinus issue so if you are not seeing significant improvement off dairy, see your doctor and consider allergy testing. Read more...