I have a 2 year old duaghter that was diagnosed with pku at birth. I have a terrible time getting her to eat. What are some tasty options to try?

Low-Phe veges +. As you probably know, the secret to a healthy diet for classical phenylketonuria (pku) is food with low amounts of the Amino Acid phenylalanine, under the close supervision of a biochemical geneticist and a metabolic dietician. Support groups and "pku camps" seem to have great suggestions.Try this link: http://www.Pkunews.Org/.
Talk with PKU dietn. Your best bet with these issues is direct contact with the dietition working at your metabolic center. I recall a dietition working with all the pku parents when i worked at a center & she had a regular news letter for parents on these topics. Give them a cal.