Is there anything other than fenytal to manage chronic pain?

Many others. Fentanyl is one of many options to treat chronic pain. It is an opioid. There are also many non opioid medication options.
Yes and more options. Many available therapies can reduce pain reduce unnecessary narcotic dependence and surgeries. Interventional pain therapies work better to get you back to normal function and get you off medications like fentanyl. Should deal with the problem and regain function. Medications should be complimentary and not primary.
Find good doctor. See a doctor who specializes in your pain problem .How many cases like yours and how succesful have they been in getting a cure or improvement? If you don't get specific numbers they may be making it up. By in large we dont' remember the bad cases, especially if we don't follow up. Can the physician produce a report on his outcomes and experience? Many quacks and great physicians.
Many options. . There are many options for chronic pain. Best to see your doctor to discuss which options are best for your particular medical situation.
Yes. Chronic pain is generally managed using a long-acting med, like fentanyl patches, and a short-acting med for breakthrough. There are many types of long and short-acting medications, though most have similar side-effects. Other non-opioid meds can also be used as well as nerve injections and non-medication techniques. A pain management specialist can help you weigh your options.
Yes. Fentanyl is a short acting narcotic, and would be a very poor drug for chronic pain. Narcotics are usually not good drugs for chronic, non-cancer pain. A pain management program, with multimodal and multidisciplinary therapy and rehabilitation services is much better. If narcotics are needed, a long acting drug such as Methadone may be required, but should be managed by a pain center.
Chronic pain. Yes, there are multiple other agents apart from fentanyl to manage your chronic pain. There are narcotics, tricyclic antidepressants, antispasmodics , muscle relaxants, biofeedback back. These should be addressed with your pain doctor.
Not my first choice, or second. You can kill a fly with a tank, but would you? Knowing the cause, is where i would start. Once the cause is identified, i would target the treatment to see if i could not get rid of the cause at its source. There are many alternatives to a tank.
Yes! It depends on the cause of your chronic pain. If the source of you pain was know, the cause can be targeted to see if you can do better than just manage, maybe cure your pain! so always ask why are you in pain, and ask if there is a treatment that can completely relieve without having to do it or take it again, or at least infrequently...Maybe a procedure, a lifestyle change, surgery, pt.