With bipolar ii, adhd, & c ptsd, what additional tests are beneficial? Ie: hormone, neurotransmitter, DNA mutation (mthfr, a1at. ..) methylation etc.

Yes. I would definitely check mthfr and comt. Both these are involved in methylation. One is involved in neurotransmitter synthesis, and the other in breakdown. Therefore polymorphisms can impact mood, etc, and if so, vitamins and supplements can help the methylation cycle. I check mthfr in most of my patients.
MTHFR gene. Read more on methylation here http://doccarnahan.Blogspot.Com/2013/10/whats-big-deal-about-methylation-update.Html and on neurotransmitter testing http://doccarnahan.Blogspot.Com/2011/08/balancing-your-brain-chemistry-testing.Html.
ADHD is highly . Heritable. The empiric risk for a child with 1 parent with bpd is 20%, except when family history shows autosomal dominant inheritance (50% risk). Genetic microarrays or tests for specific syndromes with adhd & bpd in their neurobehavioral profile are done when clinical evaluation reveals abnormal physical features, intellectual disability or autism, &/or family history of a specific syndrome.
None. These diagnoses are made on clinical grounds. No biological tests are warranted unless medication is prescribed. In that event periodic monitoring may be required to check for toxicity.
Tests for Bipolar +. I recommend anyone who is having issues related to their neurotransmitters have their methylation tested - at least their MTHFR 677 and MTHFR 1298, neurotransmitter test from urine after a 12 hour fluid restriction, sex hormones, food IgG panel, vitamin D (25-OH), and urine heavy metals provoked test.