Have a keloid scar from vulva biopsy- how hard is this to remove? Can a plastic surgeon remove this from my vulva? Will it come back?

See below. There are many treatments for keloids, even in the vulvar area. The problem with removing a keloid surgically is that they often recur as you have replaced a scar with a new scar steroid injection into the keloid may have better success and be less painful and can produce significant improvement in comfort or appearance. See a gyn or plastic surgeon with interest in the vulva for a second opin.
See a dermatologist. Cutting it off may result in a larger keloid. Usually injections of triamcinolone help.
Yes and maybe. May be hypertrophic ir not keloid. Keloids grow and extend beyond the scar. Big scars like this can be injected with dilute kenalog, (triamcinolone) or surgically excised. Severe keloids can be managed with radiation.