Having pain in my back, legs, joints, and bones. Pain worse at night and all over body. Everything hurts all the time, how come? How can I stop it?

Hard to say. Without more information. This pain could be related to any number of things. Arthritis sounds like the most likely answer, but there are several types of arthritis. Fibromyalgia is also present in about 2-3% of the population and is described as a pain all over, frequently associated with fatigue. I'd begin with a discussion with your doctor...Good luck!
ConsiderFibromyalgia. See your primary physician or a rheumatologist with the following question: could my chronic widespread body pain be caused by the fibromyalgia syndrome? If you find that you do have fibromyalgia syndrome [fms], your physician will have access to fda approved treatments.
Pain all over. Generalized pain is unusual. It can be caused by medications, vitamin deficiency (d), fibromyalgia, systemic disease including infections, medicine/narcotic withdrawal, or unusual neuropathies. If it is worse at night, and associated with restless, crawling, tickling, like pepsi in the veins - with associated non-restorative sleep, consider restless leg syndromes. Pursue thorough med evaluation.