I have had a kidney transplant 14 years ago what are the chances of getting off some anti rejection pills?

This is a discussion. You will need to have with your specialist as there are multiple variables which contribute to the necessity to remain on immunosuppressants.
Why rock the boat? I wonder why you want to change a regimen that has succeeded in helping you avoid dialysis for 14 yrs? There are no definite dials for us to read or tests to perform that indicate precisely how much immunosuppression a pt requires to prevent rejection. We don't want to prescribe more than is required, because of side effects. Please discuss with your transplant team, don't change on your own!
Possibly. This is currently being investigated in several studies. You should discuss this with your transplant team. It would depend on the status of your graft detected on a biopsy, and careful measurements of your immune system using sophisticated tests. Just stopping medications on your own is not advised.
Highly unlikely. If you had a kidney transplant 14 years ago and still has a good renal allograft function, I highly doubt any transplant doctor will be willing to change your immunosuppressive drug regimen.