Does the flu make birth control pills less effective?

No, but. Some medicines used to treat the symptoms of flu or antibiotics for a secondary bacterial infection can interfere with birth control pills. You should mention birth control pills whenever starting a new medicine. For some, you may need to use a second birth control method while on that med.

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Why do I fell flu like with sore breasts, spotting a few days and a missed period, and a negative pregnancy test? My periods have always been regular and im on birth control pills and I have never been like this before other than when I was pregnant but I

You . You may be having fluctuating hormones which can happen from stress, but please wait two days and recheck a pregnancy test. If you still don't have your period please consider seeing a physician for a blood pregnancy test. If you have pain, light-headedness, or vomiting then please be seen immediately. Read more...