I gave birth 3 months ago, breastfed for 6 weeks and my hair is falling out like crazy in the shower. Am I ok?

Yes. Hair loss after pregnancy is not unusual. It is called telogen effluvium and occurs because normally 90 per cent of your hair is growing, but during pregnancy 100 per cent is growing so with change in hormones you will experience shedding of 10 per cent of all hairs along with normal shedding. This will stabilize in a few months. You can use rogaine (minoxidil) for 6 months if necessary.
Yes. This is not uncommon. The condition is likely telogen effluvium, and for reasons we don't understand it can be triggered post-partum. If this diagnosis is correct it is temporary (although may last a few months) and is not permanent hair loss. It could still be helpful to see your personal doctor, but no cause for immediate alarm.